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FAQ for TL Joinery & Construction (Sheffield Ltd)

How much will it cost ?

It deoends on many factors, for example the size and type of windows

The age of your house and if there are obsticles to overcome by our installers eg structural alteration

If I order, how do I know exartly what I am getting?

Once you have confirmed your order we will contact you to arrange a convenient time to measure

Your windows / doors accurately and go though your requirements eg design , choice of timber,

Glazing , paint finish if required and a fixing date

Do you want a deposit?

Sometimes we do ask for a deposit because all of our products are bespoke and designed to your project

And the materials cannot be reused a receipt will be forwarded for the amount.

Do you do discounts?

It’s difficult to ask a tradesman to work for a lower rate because the customer wants a discount so the answer is ÷

Regarding inflated prices ( money added on the price to take back off ) we do not work that way

How long does it take to fit?

We can give you a approximation of how long but each installation on every house could be different.

How do I pay?

We ask for payment on completion unless prior agreed .

Do you make a mess during Installation?

We are undertaking building work and some dust and debris , we cover up your furniture etc , but please take precautions and remove any valuable or sensitive Items from this scene ,we will gladly help to do this if you require , after installation we will have a good clean up.

What are the current regulation regarding replacing windows and doors?

This is part of the uk goverments obligationto the EU agreement on reducing greenhouse gases.

What is U value?

U value is measured by the rate of heat loss from the warm inside of the house through the window / door

To the out side if it’s colder there the lower the U value the smaller the loss of heat ie better energy management.

What are CE markings?

CE markings is a key indicator of a product compliance with European union legislation , and the product complies with relevant essential requirements.

Are these regulation enforceable?

Yes very much so , these are heavy fines for installers who do not comply ,and you could be made to change your windows again.

How is the system policed?

Replacements must be registered with the local authority, the installation company can either do this

themselves or join an industry organisation for example certass which does this for them.

We are a member of certass

What happens if I don’t have these documents?

Possibly nothing until you want to sell your property , then your solicitor will want evidence of compliance and registration.

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