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Sliding Sash Windows in Sheffield

Whether you need a traditional sliding sash window, or just the appearance of one, TL Joinery are here to deliver the goods. Our experienced joiners will make you elegant wooden windows that are true to the style of your property.

We design all our joinery products in-house and manufacture each item to our customer's requirements. TL joinery & Construction are fully insured and also offer full independent warranties with QANW.

Mock Sash Windows

Our mock sash windows combine the elegance of classic appearance with the convenience of modern technology.

The product displayed here was designed to take 24mm double glazed units for better energy efficiency.

Mock Sash Window

Your Sash Windows, Your

Maintain your home's beauty by using qualified joiners to fit windows that meet all of your requirements.

At TL Joinery, we offer an incredible range of coatings and finishes to ensure your wooden windows match the aesthetic of your home.

In our example here, we have applied a weather-resistant coloured coating to our mock sash bay windows with 24mm double glazed units. 

The matching door is 64mm thick with argon-filled A-rated double glazing and secure locking system.

For more information on how to get brand new wooden sash windows at affordable prices, contact TL Joinery free on 0800 047 6897.

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